EKTA at a modern AV-technology exhibition

EKTA at a modern AV-technology exhibition

EKTA returned from Amsterdam inspired by new ideas.

Integrated Systems Europe - one of the key events in the field of audiovisual technologies, which reflects the situation on the world market and the AV-allows to predict tendencies.

With each passing year the exhibition volumes grow. For example, this year in the twelve halls of Amsterdam RAI was presented more than 1000 new products. The event was visited by more than 500 journalists from professional editions; total attendance exceeded 50 thousand people. Exhibition organizers reported that in 2016, due to the increased number of exhibitors, the exhibition will be extended to four days, instead of the traditional three.

We have visited the exhibition since 2008 and demonstrated not only the latest developments in LED-technology but also booths "with deep meaning." This time, we have beaten the concept of the modern city and the person in it.

The main message - LED technology is the instrument by which people are changing the face of the city. One click and the gray facades of the buildings come alive, tell stories and evoke emotions.

Among the new products, we brought the video processor ERMAC Ultra. It allows to control in real time parameters of an image and simultaneously manage a complex of 32 screens of different models and configurations.

Integrated Systems Europe 2015

For comparison, other manufacturers offer to control one or more displays of the same type with one video controller. That means that in large projects such kind of “control centers” can take up an entire room.

We also showed a new model of hi-end indoor displays with a pixel pitch of 2.6 and a minimum possible viewing distance - 2 m.

Last year, we came with a 1.9 px pitch, but the market demanded to the development of a model that optimally combines affordable price and high quality.

Traditionally, EKTA introduced LED floor that always draws the attention of visitors. At ISE 2015, we showed the optional model with a physical pixel pitch of 6 mm, which aired "juicy" content in high definition.

Integrated Systems Europe 2015

EKTA for two years has been the technical partner of ISE. At this time, the abbreviation of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) height of 2.4 m and a width of 6 m was installed at the entrance area K (Europe Entrance).

The design was interesting because, depending on the point of observation the perception of the content displayed on video walls changes.

The main trend for ISE 2015 became precision, super contrast projectors and LED displays with small pixel pitch.

0.7; 0.8; 1.1 - the minimum pixel pitch, presented at the exhibition.

3D-mapping is gaining momentum. With the help of a special system, you can take the shape of an object, and broadcast any image texture with the help of a projector.

Integrated Systems Europe 2015

Significantly increasing reliability and design excellence of products, EKTA has focused on the convenience of design, ease of installation and external accuracy of the displays. At the exhibition, we held a demonstration of ToolFree system, which allows you to build large video walls without the use of tools. The modules are equipped with specially designed locks. They make the assembly process easy and fast.

Compared with last year, the exhibition has become greater. If earlier the American InfoComm claimed to be the most large-scale event in the field of AV-technology, the ISE is now definitely in the lead.

Exhibition of modern digital technology is innovative in everything, even in matters of registration of visitors and maintaining a database of contacts. Visitor registration at ISE carried out on the barcode. Among themselves, exhibitors prefer not to share business cards but QR-codes, which contained references to all promotional materials and contact information.